Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Tragedy of the Advent Calendar

Well, only 2 days into the Advent Calendar and it didn't survive the storm of 'The Tavis Kyla Misty'. That's not very good odds. Basically the dogs were playing, hit the side of the piano, the calendar fell to the ground and the dogs had a fun fest chewing on the chipboard pages. So fun!

I came upstairs to check on them, saw the calendar laying on the floor. I of course lashed out by screaming 'WHY WHY WHY!!!' (yes, picture a 1940's movie) They just looked at me as if I was weird. Then I went to my craft room and closed the door on them. I could hear them whining outside the door but had no sympathy. So basically after HOURS of putting this together it was destroyed in a few minutes. I did go through each page and I have to replace about 7 pages, possibly 8. (I won't lie, I did mist up) It is a project that will have to wait until after Christmas or just before because I have too many other Christmas projects going on.

I'll still post the pages for each day though so you can see the original pages.


Deena ♥ Curtis said...

Oh that sucks!!!! You did a really nice job I have to say... but so did your children. They usually out do us anyway!!!!! Good luck with the repair!