Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cookie Card Challenge - Happy Birthday Dark One

Hi Crafters & Bakers! Today Georganne and I are doing our cookie card challenge. I make one of her cards into a cookie and she makes one of my cards into a cookie. I was in the mood to make a boys card and I'm a sucker for Star Wars and Georganne made the cutest Star Wars cookies. Check them out HERE.  I chose to do Darth Vader.  Here is the cookie she made.  A LEGO Darth Vader!

Here is the card that I made.  Sorry the pics are TERRIBLE.  I couldn't find my camera so had to use my phone and it has been cloudy all week.  :-/ 

Thanks for stopping by!  Make sure you go to Georganne's blog, LilaLoa, to see what she made of mine!  :)
Simply Pam