Thursday, February 11, 2016

Heart Photo Shoot - Cookie Card Challenge

Hi Crafters and Bakers! Sorry for the late post but I guess better late than never. :) It's that time of the month where I choose one of her cookies to try and recreate into a card and she makes a cookie based off of one of my cards. I saw this super cute cookie that I thought would be perfect for my dad's Valentine's card. You can see her post HERE.

She called them Photo Booth Cookies and I just loved the different ways the hearts are placed.  Here is my card based off of those cookies:

So funny note on that random dark dot on the white heart.  I grabbed my red pen (according to the red cap) and made a dot.  It was green.  The red cap was on the green pen and vice versa.  What's funny about this is I knew immediately who did it.  My nephew Cole likes to use my markers and pens and he is Red/Green color blind.  :)  It runs in the family.  My grandpa, brother and 4 of my nephews are Red/Green color blind.  So I've run across this before.  :)  So he thought he put them on correctly because he couldn't tell the difference.  It was really funny and now there is a cute story to go w/ the card.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to head on over to Georgeanne's blog, LilaLoa, to see what she made.  They are adorable!  :)

Simply Pam