Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Becca Part 2

So I changed my mind on the card for my niece Becca after seeing the following Youtube video by Yoliebean here. If you haven't checked her out before make sure you do. She is So creative!

The bottle is a 1 Liter bottle. I cut a flap on the side and inserted some silver and pink shredded paper then some fun stuff my niece would like. I put in some skittles, bubble gum tape, lollipop ring, nerds and some lipgloss. I usually do a card with $5 in it but I thought that this would be a fun change for them this year. And for me. :) I then taped the flap shut w/ packaging tape and covered the middle section of the bottle w/ designer paper. The dimensions are 5 x 12 inches. I found some chipboard images that I thought looked cute w/ the paper I chose. I then had to use some ribbon since I have so much. :D