Friday, February 19, 2010

Cricut Cartridge Storage

Someone asked me to post how I store my Cricut Cartridges. This was not my original idea I got it from someone else, just not sure where. Sorry, but the solution works great for me! :)

Here is the original container. I got them from Joanns but you can just google Snapware Snap 'N Stack Ribbon Dispenser 2 Layer. I use the top portion for my cartridges and the the bottom portion for other storage. So for this post I used 2 of these containers.

This is what it looks like from the outside. I put my overlay behind the booklet and then the cartridge on the side. For a better fit, and so you can fit more cartridges in there, make sure that you switch the side the cartridges goes on. So my next tab the cartridge is on the left and my overlay and booklet are on the right. I've used 2 top portions of the containers for this.

Oh, and for the solutions cartridges, what I do is store 2 solutions cartridges in one tab. I put the sample sheet and overlay for both cartridges on one side and then stack the 2 solutions cartridges on the other side. Then just put both titles at the top of the label sheet. One on each side for easier reading.

Here is an inside look of the container. I've just used poster board cut at 4" x 9" to separate and then labeled them w/ marker. Nothing fancy. I don't have them organized any certain way. Basically the ones I use the most are on top. But you could do it alphabetically or whatever works for you. ;)

This is what I have done w/ the two bottom portions. In the top I have my stamp cleaners. I also have a container of baby wipes that I use by this container in my room. Then on the bottom I store my Peachy Keen face stamps. LOVE THEM!!! If you use the Paper Doll Dress Up or Every Day Paper Dolls you HAVE to have them. Unless you are awesome in drawing. Which I am not! :)

Hope this helps and that you find it useful. I sure do like them. In case you are wondering I've stored my Cricut Cartridge boxes inside the box which held my Cricut! Then stored it away since I don't need them but don't want to throw them away either.