Tuesday, July 20, 2010

They're Just Like Children!

I have two dog beds in my craft room. A middle sized one and a larger sized one. My two dogs tore up the larger sized one because of their digging/nesting. Anyways, I bought them a very nice new larger bed. Doesn't it look soft and fluffy? It wasn't cheap either. (Speaking of, why are they so expensive???)

Anywho, this is their reaction to it:

Yep, they would rather squeeze themselves into the smaller one. Its like when you give a kid a toy and they play w/ the box! :) I'm slowly forcing, um, I mean, getting them to accept the bigger bed. ;)


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I have three dogs. The middle sized poodle/terrier mix is really old. He is now blind and def. My son went and got him a new bed last week because he wants him comfortable with his bad everything. Every night he digs at it until he turns it inside out and then lays in it.

flowerdisco said...

you made me laugh but yes...they are like kids.
If you have a Ross around check their beds...very reasonable and they do last (well, depending of the dog that is :))

Ladybug said...

Tavis and Kyla are adorable. :-)

Know exactly what you mean. My li'l Bailey has 4 beds. Yup! 4! One beside me when I'm on the laptop; one in our bedroom, where he sleeps; one in the livingroom; and one in the hall. (That's the one he came with and what I put in the kitchen when I have to go out and leave him alone) He's spoiled!

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha.... I have kitties and they do the same thing. All four (yes, I really did mean to type four) want to sleep above my head on the rug I put up there for them, but none will sleep on the rug beside that one. Instead I have kitties constantly spilling onto my pillow while we're sleeping. Hmmm, maybe we'll have to buy a bed with a headboard cubby set back in.