Thursday, November 4, 2010

Action Wobbles Giveaway - Respond FAST

**This offer is now closed.  Thank you for your interest in the Action Wobbles. **

Action Wobble has decided to send out FREE samples to all of the people that are followers of our blogs and are interested in the Action Wobbles (WHO ISN'T???).   :)

To receive the samples you need to leave me a comment and a way to get a hold of you.  I will then email you the contact information you need.  You also need to be a follower of my blog.  This offer closes at the end of tomorrow's business day.  Which is Friday, November 5th at 5pm CST.  You will need to provide them with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Cell/Home phone (They use this for shipping)
To see what an Action Wobble is see my post below.  Let me know if you have any questions!  

**I had Stacy from Action Wobbles email address on my blog earlier, if you already emailed her your information you don't need to submit again.  She has your information.  Sorry for the confusion and change in communication.**



Terry@ a quilting blog said...

Thanks so much Pam for the info! These Action Wobbles look like so much fun!

Denise G said...

Thanks Pam. I sent the email. I am excited for this opportunity to play with them.

Glora said...

I'm so glad we get to share. I got my e-mail from Stacy and my post is getting ready to go up right now :).

Melissaward said...

Thank you for sharing!! I am so excited I just sent my info and let them know YOU sent me!! < doing the happy wobble dance> Im so excited can ya tell??!! Can we order these yet or are they just samples now?

Charlotte said...

I would love to try these out. My contact email is at my blog: THANKS!

Heather L. said...

Thank you for the chance to try these cute little things.

Heather L.

Renae said...

oooh I would love to give them a try.....THANKS!!



Laurie said...

I would LOVE to give these a try!! I can't wait!


The Cricut Lady said...

Sounds quite interesting.

bird said...

Thanks for sharing this is so cool.

Jan said...

Love this new idea. Would love to try them out. Please send samples. Also love your blog\

Tammy said...

How sweet! THese action wobbles look like alot of fun.
tamschrm aol (dot) com

Cathy said...

Wow! What a great offer. Thanks! I've been putting off being a "follower" of your blog, but I check in several times a week. I just love this blog! Thanks for the offer too!

Heather said...

I sent an email right away this afternoon when I saw your post. Do I need to leave my info here now?
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

LizW in TX said...

Thanks Pam! I just saw this offer on from one of our cricut circle members and hope I'm not too late. I love your blog, I just joined.
LizW in TX

Melissaward said...

Hi Pam! Did you change the blog? I sent an email to the email address you had posted but now I dont see it. Do I need to still send you my email address?


bigmama said...

Hi Pam...A friend of mine Melissa Ward forward me this website....Your card was beautiful...And so looking forward to buying these wobbles...I hope i am on the the right place to get a free sample..Thank you

bigmama said...

Hi Pam...I forgot to leave you my email.... forward to trying these...Thank you

Amy said...

Wow! How awesome is this. I can't wait to try them out. :)

Amy at comcast dot net

Valerie said...

These are really cool. I would love a chance to try them out.
lastamper at aol dot com
Now to follow your blog. Thanks

Lanell said...

I Love Love Love these! It is so Great! You have such wonderful Ideas and I LOVE following your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anna said...

I hope to get in on this sample...I cannot wait to tell them...they look so cool. Love how you used them.
annadowdy at gmail dot com

Keri’s Kreativity said...

I would LOVE to receive a sample of these! I am just loving all the samples using them.


Tanya Isis Ayala said...

i need some