Sunday, April 3, 2011

What the Spring???

So this is what I woke up to this morning here in Utah after nice 70 degree weather yesterday:

About 7"-12".  Just glad that my church is having General Conference this weekend!  :)  No driving today.  General Conference is where we listen to talks from our leaders on TV.  This happens twice a year.

K, this picture is really funny.  The snow that we got is really heavy and one of our limbs was hanging really low in the street so my brother went out to shake the snow off so it wouldn't break.  Then he threw the broom he was using in the tree to get the remaining amount off and got the broom stuck.  So he had to get a rake to get the broom out.  LOL  Reminds me of the movie IQ w/ Meg Ryan.  So funny!!!

Have a great Sunday!


Alannah said...

Same thing happened to us here in Michigan 2 weeks ago! No Joke!! IT made me so mad! and all of our snow was gone... now we are finally almost finished with it again and they are saying we might have more snow this week!!! grrrrr... I hate snow!!

Becky Dunham said...

Hey Pam - Are you in Salt Lake? I am in the east Sugarhouse area and this is what I woke up to also :( My kids are freaking out, but i figure it is a good excuse to stay inside and hop on the 20 different hops going on today :)

★*jEnNiE*★ said...

WoW! After 70 degree weather?!?! Mother Nature sure is a bit confused this year! Perfect weather to stay cozy inside and do some craftin'! Stay warm and enjoy your day! :)


scrappin2babygirls said...

I know exactly what you mean!! Im in Wyoming and yesterday it was 72 and today we've got about 4 inches so far and its not showing any signs of letting up.

Glora said...

Well we only got 4-6 inches, but REALLY? I'm so done with snow already ;).

Celeste B. said...

Same thing happened here in Idaho. :) Good thing conference always leaves you feeling warm inside. :) I looked at the picture before I read the IQ reference and that's actually the exact movie I though of first! :) LOL!! Love it!! TFS! :)