Saturday, September 3, 2011

Episode 82: My Cricut Cartridge Storage

I found this product at Joann's and fell in love w/ the design.  I hoped it would work for my cartridge storage and it did!  Woo Hoo!!!!  :)  It's so pretty!  You can only buy them at Joann's.  I found them back in the sewing area by the yarn I believe.  I went to another Joann's today and there were some back there and then found more in another area.  So just ask a Joann associate if you can't find them.  They do come in other colors and other styles.  I go more into detail on that in the video.  Bonus, they are on sale right now; 40% off!  So this system holds 42 cartridges and only cost me, w/ tax, $11.  I have 3 of them so that is 126 cartridges for only $33!  So much better than what I've found so far out there.  Enjoy!

Forgot to mention that you should be able to fit the overlays in here as well.  Just put them within each booklet.  W/ the overlays w/in the booklets it is about the size of the wire rings on the booklet so it should fit fine.  Hope that makes sense.  :)  I don't use the overlays so they are in my cartridge boxes which are stored in my Expression & Imagine boxes.

Here is a pic of the black & white ones.  In my video I said it was black w/ white flowers.  oops.  :)
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The Bookin Room said...

OMG this HAS to be the most fabulous idea for carts!!! TFS. p.s. my fav color is purple! Great find!
xoxo Charity

flowerdisco said...

hello sweet pam, those boxes are very handy and the pattern is lovely. tfs!
how are you and the fur babies doing?

as you know we moved our son to BU this past love the crispiness of the embossing. so cool looking Monday :(

i believe i will have more time to hop around :P

take care!

Maria Matter said...

this is brilliant Pam!!!
thanks so much for sharing this idea!

Glora said...

Pam, I'm SO glad you found these. I went to Michael's on mistake and they had some boxes that have a magnetic flap but NOTHING like these. Of course I waited until closing on Saturday and didn't have time to get to JoAnn's, but I will just have to use coupons and get them one at a time! LOVE them!!!! Hugs- Glora

readysetstamp said...

What a deal! Thank you for the great idea! XOXO, Julie. :0)

Kathy Salido said...

This is a fabulous idea! Do the boexes come with the dividers?? What was the regular price??
salido99 at msn dot com