Monday, March 12, 2012

Misfortune Cookies

Happy Monday crafters!  This week on the Creative Critterz Imagations blog we are making April Fool's Day projects.  I found this idea on Pinterest, here.  Thank heavens for that site right?  :)  Anywho, I thought it was hilarious.  :)  I used the Bubblegum Stripes Imagine cartridge to flood fill my circles.  That way it is bright and lots of fun.

I cut the circles out at 4.75".  Unfortunately I didn't have time to make a video as I am in my last week of school so I'm going a little KooKoo Crazy.   I found a video online, HERE, whose instructions I followed to make mine.  I will give you a tip though: If you use thicker paper on your  cookies like I did make sure you use really strong tape like ATG or ScorPal.  If not, they will pop right open.  Lesson learned.  If you use thinner designer paper you shouldn't have any problems.  

I made 8 cookies and put them in a bowl for easy access for takers.

My messages are 4.5" long and .75" wide.  I then cut the end out like a pendant for extra design.  I have to say the messages I came up with were hilarious.  Here are the others:

- Today will be the worst day of your life.
- When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet.
- Lend money to family or a friend and you'll never see it again.
- Humor is an affirmation of losing your mind.
- If life is a dance floor, be a wallflower.  You'll thank yourself later.
- Today will not bring you fortune.  Well, ever.
- You will overcome difficult times but it will be a long and painful road.  It's going to suck.

The cookies ended up being big enough that I'm going to put Hershey Kisses in them.  Then my mom is going to take them to work on Monday, April 2nd.  April Fool's on a Sunday this year.  She thought they were really funny.  :)



Glora said...

YAY for the last week of school!!!! It will be so nice to have it all taken care of! Woo Hoo! These are so cute. I've wanted to make some before so I will definitely have to check out the video link you shared! Hugs- Glora

Anonymous said...

Super, super cute and LOVE your messages. I may have to scraplift your idea and your fun messages.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Amy said...

Well this is fun! Clever and cute! :)Amy

Anonymous said...

Super cute idea from my friend Pam Nissan.