Monday, November 4, 2013

Framed Silhouette Pet Images

Hi Crafters!   Today's project is a gift for my friend.  My friend watched my dogs while I was at my sisters wedding.  It was for 5 days.   She also has 2 dogs and a cat so she had 5 pets with her.  My dogs I'm sure had a blast hanging out w/ her and her other 2 dogs and had fun torturing her cat.   lol :)   I wanted to give her a little something as a thank you.  I was SO grateful that they were with her instead of in a kennel.  It was a relief for me and I knew I didn't have to worry about them.  So I found this image of this framed silhouette dog and wanted to try to recreate it:

I loved it but it cost over $200.  Definitely couldn't pay for that so I thought I would make my own.  I thought I could put strips of ribbon behind my silhouettes and get a similar look.  What happened was I put the silhouette in the frame to protect it while I searched for the right ribbon and fell in love w/ the simple look and thought it would work perfectly.  The background color is from the back of the frame.

The cuts come from the Silhouette store.  The little corner design is from a damask design, it's the tip of the cut.  The frames are 10"x10".  The paper is just plain old white cardstock.  :)

For delivery I wrapped a thick blue ribbon around it:

She loved it!  Thanks for stopping by!
Simply Pam