Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Brah!

It's my sisters birthday and one of our favorite movies is French Kiss w/ Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan. It's not so much the movie that is the best but they do have the best one liners in the movie. One of them is when Meg is in a phone booth, practically broken because her fiance is w/ another woman. She is on the phone and she puts her fist in the air and says 'I will triumph' in the saddest voice. It was too funny. So that is Deb's mantra when things aren't going well. She's had a rough last year and I wanted her to remember something funny and to keep the mantra going. :)

The cut is from the Don Juan cartridge. It actually is a thumbs up image and I just trimmed that part off so it could be a fist. The paper and ribbon are from PTI.