Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 40th Spence!

It's my brother's 40th birthday. You'd think that I would make him a black, so sorry, card but I just had to make this one. On the inside I wrote 'Well... happy birthday...' I'm hoping he'll have the Eeyore voice in his head while reading as it was while I was writing it. :D lol My brother got remarried a year and a half ago and before he got married his coworkers use to call him Eeyore. :) He's more of a tigger now but I just couldn't resist, this cut was too cute. Eeyore, the log and the patch of grass all came from Pooh and Friends cartridge. Love it!


flowerdisco said...

Hi Pam...I am so glad you stopped by because I was trying to do the same yesterday. I wasn't very successful, lol. The DT is all new to me and I can't wait to see what we will be doing. I am a rookie here but I love the craft :)

Congratulations to you and I am sincerely happy to meet you.

Hugs! and HB to your brother. The card is a winner, lol. I have always love Eeyore.

Glora said...

Congratulations on the design team and I just had to say that I LOVE THIS CARD!!! I love my Disney carts and this card is perfect.

Glora said...

Thanks for your sweet comments too. On the PDDU hair. I do a few different things depending on my mood. Sometimes I dot and dash around the edges with a color that is a little darker than the hair color, but the simpilest and usually the cutest look is to use the Versamark watermark pen and just trace around the edges. It is awesome because the watermark ink highlights with just a shade darker than the paper you use. I LOVE that pen! And as Eeyore might say, "thanks for noticin'" Take care.