Friday, December 3, 2010

Doggy Fun!

So I didn't have time to create a new card this week for today's post.  I'm in my last week of this semester at school so I have my final projects I need to finish up by next Friday.  So I thought I would show a couple of funny pics of my dog Kyla and my dads dog Misty playing.  It's really funny to watch them playing.  They roll around all over each other.  Kyla will jump on Misty's back and head to show dominance then Misty would throw her off.  Then they have their play fighting.  Kyla would bite Misty on the face, neck and legs.  Misty would reciprocate by biting Kyla's feet and ears.  Never once have they yelped so they are just lightly biting.  Misty is also more than twice Kyla's size so it's even funnier.  ;)

Here is Kyla biting Misty on the face.  Click on the picture to see it up close:

Then Misty biting Kyla.  Doesn't Misty look so vicious?  She is the biggest cuddly baby.  She wouldn't hurt a fly!  :)

Anyway, sorry I didn't get another project done this week.  I'll try better next week.  Thanks for reading through another puppy story.  ;)


Ashley said...

so cute!! I have a big dog and my bf has little dogs.. they are always playing like that! so funny!

Glora said...

They are so cute. Good luck finishing up your schoolwork this week.

Sharon said...

They are adorable! Is Misty a Blue Heeler? She has the coloring of one. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about Misty and Kyla. Good luck with your school projects! :)