Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas Puppies

I wanted to share a few pics of my dogs opening their presents.  They got the same thing, a cow stuffed w/ a plastic bottle.

This is Kyla opening her present:

This is her playing w/ it:

This is Tavis opening his present:

And this is him ignoring the toy (in the background) and still playing w/ the wrapping:

Yeah, he loves tearing up paper.  Isn't that just like a kid - Play w/ the "box"and ignore the toy.  ;)

~ Thanks for letting me indulge and share this w/ you!


Glora said...

They are seriously too cute. TFS!

Sharon said...

Great photos!!! They are sooooo adorable!! :)

The Scrapbooking Queen said...

Okay that just adorable... love my furry babies.. they do love to get into the spirt of the season... mine ate all the chocolate candies... we had to get the little girl to well you know what... she was walking around the house for hours could not sleep from her sugar ~ caffee high
The Scrapbooking Queen

GiGi said...

Hi Pam, My Yorkie also got a "bootle" bear for Christmas! AND he too played with the paper more! LOL! I just recieved your packeage today and wanted to say THANK YOU! You were so unbelievabley generous! You had so many goodies in there that I thought it was Christmas again! :) I actually had no ides what it all was until I came upon the Petaloo flowers! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!