Friday, December 17, 2010

New Winner, Update on Tins, and Christmas Pic of the Pups!

Hi All!  This post will have a lot of updates on it.  First - I'm picking a new winner for the Paper Playtime Challeng Blog Hop, which were Petaloo flowers.  The winner I chose never responded to my emails or contacted me.  So, the new winner (chosen by is:

GiGi who said:
Your projects are great!  I LOVE that penguin tin!  That is the cutest little thing!  TFS!

Thanks GiGi!  I've emailed you to get your mailing address.  Hope to hear from you soon!

So, speaking of tins.  Here are the pics of the tins I made.  I made 2 of each of the following cuts.  I added Stickles on each cut to make it more fancy and fun.  I think they turned out cute.  As you can see one of the tins doesn't have mints in it.  That is for my niece who is only 1 years old.  I put in Animal Crackers for her.  Thanks for the idea Heidi!

I got my dogs groomed this week, boy they needed it!  Here is my official Christmas pic of them for 2010.  :)  I forgot to take their collars off but they are so hard to pose for a picture I'm not going to attempt to take another one.  It's really funny, once the camera come up to my face Tavis (the one on the right) turns his head.  He very RARELY looks at me head on in a picture.  For this I grabbed his bone (the ONLY toy he plays with) and squeaked it.  That got his attention and Kyla just looked at me wondering what the heck I'm doing.  lol  Gotta Love 'Em!  :D

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Glora said...

I love the tins they are so cute. Animal crackers are perfect for the 1 year old. And your dogs are SO cute!

GiGi said...

Thank you so much Pam and your puppies are ADORABLE!!! Happy Holidays!

flowerdisco said... your fur-babies and tins too but more the fur-babies, lol

Celeste B. said...

How adorable!!!! I love both the tins and you dogs! Too cute!!!! :) Congrats Gigi!! :)

Sharon said...

Your tins turned out wonderfully Pam! And Tavis and Kyla are just adorable! There's no way we could ever get ours to stay still for a photo!! :)

Must-Ash said...

Wow, I am totally blown away. Your stuff is adorable!

Anonymous said...

where did you find the tins? I love this project!

Simply Pam said...

Smiley21 - I got them from They weren't very expensive either.

Thanks everyone for your comments!